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# Online Casino Bonus
1 Desert nights casinoDesert Nights $8888
2 club usa casinoClub USA $777
3 sloto cash casinoSloto'Cash $7777
4 royal vegas casinoRoyal Vegas Casino $1200
5 buzzluck casinoBuzzluck $868

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Card Values

cards and their values


Aces can either be worth 1 or 11. In most games of blackjack, you will be allowed to split a pair of Aces, but you will usually only get a single card more when doing so.

Small cards

2s are usually called Deuces and are merely worth their own face value of 2. These cards are quite tricky, but provide lots of good chances in blackjack games.

Getting 3s means they have face values of 3. Check out every strategy out there to find out how to play a 3 well.

You might know by now that 4 is worth 4 and if you get a pair, you will always have to hit with them.

5 is worth 5 and regardless of which view you take, it is a nasty card to get unless you receive pair 5s. That would make your hand strong.

When you get a 6, it is worth 6. Not a lot of cards can help with it, so just hope that your dealer hands you a 5, too.

7 has a worth of 7 and is a good mid-ranged value in any blackjack version. Find out how to handle 7s and you will be fine.

Not a bad card to get, but having a value of 8 can make things tricky when you get a pair. Are you going to hit with them or split them?

9 is worth its own face value, as well, and can be extremely strong. However, you will need to follow the proper game strategy here as wrong decisions will not help you.

Face cards

10s, Jacks, Queens and Kings all have a value of 10. These would be the greatest cards to receive in blackjack. Do not split pairs of these - ever.