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# Online Casino Bonus
1 Desert nights casinoDesert Nights $8888
2 club usa casinoClub USA $777
3 sloto cash casinoSloto'Cash $7777
4 royal vegas casinoRoyal Vegas Casino $1200
5 buzzluck casinoBuzzluck $868

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How to Play Blackjack Online

Blackjack game is one of the most popular casino games in the world, the prototype of which appeared in the 17-th century, remains popular till nowadays and develops each year. To play blackjack one should fully understand its rules and terms and only than high professional level can be reached. You have more choices to win playing online casino. Internet blackjack also helps to spend a lot of time playing game absolutely free of charge and then after great training you'll have the possibility to win a lot of money

ace and king

Main Terms

Double Down - the option of a player after receiving first two cards. Bets are doubled, but after this it is allowed to players to receive only one extra card.

Insurance - a side bet available when the croupier has an Ace showing. The gambler can bet up to the half of the original wager.

Splitting - the player can split first two cards of equal value and then play them as two separate hands.

Surrender - an opportunity to not to play the hand giving up only half of the bet.

Rules to Play

The object is to beat a croupier by receiving more points than he/she has without exceeding 21. When you beat the croupier's hand you receive the value of your bet. If you continue playing you lose you bet. The blackjack bonus is paid if you have first two-card hand of an Ace and Jack of Spades, it pays 3:2. The croupier draws cards until reaches total 17 or higher.

Values of the Cards

  • Ace - 1 or 11;
  • Jack, Queen, King - 10;
  • s- 10s - according to their value.

Remember! Before spending your money, make sure you completely understand rules and strategy of the online game and only then visit casinos and try to win money. Blackjack odds are also very important to understand. Hope you'll lead enjoyable time in our online blackjack game.