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# Online Casino Bonus
1 Desert nights casinoDesert Nights $8888
2 club usa casinoClub USA $777
3 sloto cash casinoSloto'Cash $7777
4 royal vegas casinoRoyal Vegas Casino $1200
5 buzzluck casinoBuzzluck $868

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Understanding Card Room and Its Rules

Poker card rooms are separated from other casino rooms. When you walk into the main lobby of the casino, you will find there a big sign saying that the card room is above or at a certain floor. This simply means that the poker games are held in a separate room. This is often done to make things more organized inside the casino. There are poker varieties in some casinos in the US, you need to always keep in mind that before you play or if this is your first time to play poker card rooms are in separate rooms of the casino and not within the hall where other games are played.

Online casinos also follow this rule. You’ll probably find online poker rooms located on sub-domains, offering different attractive bonuses, such as William Hill Casino Bonus.

Poker is sub-divided into different varieties and these are Texas Hold’em poker, seven card studs, Omaha Hold’em poker and others. Implementing a public card room inside a casino comes along with certain rules that must be followed. Though there are some public card rooms that implement the same rules within the casino, some are providing special rules for specific players only.

The waiting lists

A lot of card rooms offer table seating on a first come first serve basis. But on peak hours of the day, you may go through the waiting lists before you will be accommodated. There are also times when players suffer from multiple waiting lists. This maybe for different kinds of games and various amount of money too. In some card rooms, the players can call in just to find a place on the list, but that will be held on a different time or day depending on the availability. The players on the list will also be informed by the management about dining places and the places where they will possibly be seated when their turn comes.

The chips

The chips are the principal of the game. You can buy chips from an employee or in the designated area mandated by the casino management. A lot of casinos have chip runners, these are people who worked for the casino and they are assigned to sell chips to the players so the players can play continuously without interruption. There are public card rooms that do not allow players to buy chips to one another so they employ chip runners to sell on different tables.

The fees of the house

All public card rooms charge fees for a particular game. They get rake or what they call scaled commissions from the fees taken by the casino from a game. This fee is often made under the low stakes cash game. It is usually five to ten percent of every poker hand up to the predefined maximum value. The fee is also known as drop because the dealer is the one assigned to drop the rake into the container at the table. It depends on the casino if they will still charge for an hourly rate for the seats you have taken. This fee is sometimes known as the time fee. Time fees are often combined with rake though they are not a common combination all the time.